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Corporate Donations

Step 1: Understand the 18A considerations
  • Section 18A of the Act provides that a taxpayer may deduct from its income so much of the sum of any bona fide donation (made in cash or property in kind).
  • The deduction that may be claimed in respect of qualifying donations in terms of section 18A is subject to a limitation of 10% of the taxable income of a taxpayer (excluding any retirement fund lump sum benefit, retirement fund lump sum withdrawal benefit and severance benefit) as calculated before allowing any deduction under this section or section 6quat(1C). 
  • To the extent that the donation made exceeds the deduction allowable in that year of assessment, the balance will be carried forward to the next year and allowed as a deduction in that year.
Step 2: Make payment via these EFT details
  • Name : PEN
  • Bank : ABSA BANK
  • Account : 0020 263 385
  • Branch Code : 632005
  • Ref: 18A Your Name
Step 3: Email us
  • Your company details,
  • The Reference you used
  • POP

Visit PEN’s current site